Know Your Rights

We support you for your rights

When Buying A New Car

Obtaining a written document of the cars specifications and modification made to the car before selling, in addition to mentioning where the added parts were made and where they were installed.

Obtaining a written document specifying the data of receiving the new car after purchasing it.

Obtain the vehicle warranty brochure and technical instructions in Arabic with clear and understandable wording.

The presence of all the following on prominently displayed cars in the sales outlets and on the importer's website:

  • Price tag and specifications (with an explanation if the price includes the plate and the registration fees).

  • Fuel economy card

The vehicle warranty period shall not be less than two years or the specified distance from the product.

For Complaints

For complaints and comments, please contact our customer service at 8002444441

When Maintaining Your Vehicle

Knowing the duration required for the completion of inspection and repair with a written document and signed by the consumer and the importer.

Obtaining an extension of the warranty in case of delay from the agreed data for completing maintenance work or securing spare parts.

Knowing the cost and time of completion of the periodic maintenance work within one hour from the time you bring your car, and in case the importer is late, you are entitling to get a loaner car.

In the event that you purchase a car from Co. Najeeb Auto-Suzuki you are entitled to a loaner car in the same category as your car or compensate for it with a financial amount of (car purchase price ÷ 400) for each day of delay in the following cases:

  • He defect is converted by the warranty if the car cannot be used.

  • Delay in the agreed date for completion of maintenance and provision of spare parts.

Keep the parts that were replaced from your car out of warranty and see the parts replaced from your car on the warranty.

Directly obtaining spare parts with continuous demand and providing rare spare parts within 14 days