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Najeeb Auto, the authorized dealer of Suzuki Motor, launches its main and second branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Najeeb Auto Company and Suzuki Motor recently celebrated the opening of their second and main branch in Riyadh.

The opening was held in presence of the senior executives of Suzuki Motor, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Najeeb Auto, Mr. Najeeb Abdullatif Alissa, many interested people in the automotive sector, and representatives of the media and press in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The two parties exchanged words confirming the importance of the automotive industry in the Saudi market and the new strategic partnership between them to serve the customers of the Kingdom.

Mr. Alissa stressed the importance of this occasion, which lies in the well-studied geographical expansion of the company, in affirmation to the dealership of the Japanese Suzuki Motor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company of high and well-established reputation in the automotive sector all over the world. The relationship between the two companies will develop by Allah’s will into a long-term strategic partnership, with a priority to provide distinguished customer service at all levels in sales, maintenance, and spare parts services.

"We are optimistic about the strength of the KSA economy and the increasing demand for the automotive sector in particular,” said Alissa, “We are relying on Allah, the Almighty, above all, to be among the best and most requested brands in this market,” he added.

Among our main priorities set under implementation, we included the recruitment and training of national human cadres, in a way that supports our national economy in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030 in supporting the recruitment and investment of effective national human cadres and energies. We will apply it through a well-studied expansion plan with advanced business models, commensurate with the global development in communications and outreach between customers and service providers.

We have already finished preparing the first phase of sales halls and service centers in Jeddah, currently finalizing in Riyadh, and in Dammam soon by Allah’s will.

Mr. Koichi Suzuki, Deputy Director General of Global Marketing at Suzuki Motor, said in his speech at the ceremony, "The great and wide experience of Najeeb Auto management in the automotive world highly encouraged us to consider a strategic partnership with them with no doubt. We are confident that Suzuki will be served in an advanced and professional manner that suits its long history under the umbrella of Najeeb Auto, and we are certain that the presence of this brand will be effective and widespread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

"We will provide all technical and logistical support, in addition to our endeavor to provide the latest models required for the Saudi market,” Suzuki added. "We are optimistic about the strength of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's economy and the high demand for the automotive sector in particular, and we will strive to be among the best and most requested brands in this market," he concluded.

General info about Suzuki Motor:

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese company specializing in the production of automobiles, complete sets of motorcycles, and all-geographical factors vehicles. It ranked No. 1 in the automobile industry and the 10th largest car manufacturer in the world, employing 45,000 workers, and owning 35 production sites in 20 countries, in addition to having 133 distributors in 207 countries.

Following the war, Japan was in great need of affordable and reliable private means of transportation. Facing this major challenge, Suzuki’s thinking was once again redirected to vehicles when in 1909, Michio Suzuki formed the Suzuki Company on the sea coast of the Japanese village of Hamamatsu. In 1929, the business grew strongly when Suzuki invented and exported a new type of multi-armed machinery.

Suzuki has 120 patents registered.

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